Toni Zhang


Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Flinto, Principle, InVision
Timeline: 06/2018 - present
Role: Product Designer
This product is designed by me for a stealth startup.

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Concept and goal

“Packy” is a mobile app that tracks shipping, gives timely notice and keeps all shopping record so customers can check their packages and returns on the go. It provides a better post-purchase experience for frequent online shoppers. This product will reduce complains and encourage more shopping in the future, which will continually increase revenue for E-commerce.

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash
Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash


Nowadays we can easily buy almost everything online and enjoy the convenience of front door delivery. Shopping websites and apps are doing a great job helping customers find the products they want and make the whole process smooth and enjoyable.
However, shopping doesn’t end when a customer successfully placed an order and received a tracking number. Shoppers who shop frequently from various places often find themselves digging through piles of emails, trying to remember what they’ve bought, and wondering when can they get them. To return or replace an unsatisfying item is even more painful. Again they dig their emails to find the order, read the return policy, remember to drop off in time, and remember to check refund or replacement.
A bad shopping experience will definitely push customers away. Ignoring problems and complains will discourage customers to do more shopping in the future, which will continually decrease revenue for merchants.

User analysis


I did a research of online shopping behavior. People who shop online frequently and need help after purchasing can be of all age, genders, and social classes. I created a persona to better define our user.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

story board

To further find out what would happen after customers placed orders and what they need, I have drawn three storyboards: tracking a package, making a return, and browsing shopping history.

Tracking a package
Making a return
Browsing shopping history

Wireframe and first prototype

Wireframe and first prototype reflects the structure and flow of the app. For first-time user, there is a hearty welcome tutorial. To reduce the friction of creating a new account, users can log in or sign up with their own shopping and social accounts. The main screen - package tracking screen has a menu at the bottom that allow users to navigate between screens for packages, returns, order history, and setting. Packy collects order information mainly by accessing emails. Users can start a new tracking or return that can’t be found in emails by simply tapping the big “+” button.

Wireframe and first prototype


Welcome and sign in/ sign up
Track a package and pick it up
Check a return and drop it off
Start a new return from an existing order


Adding new
Changing layout

Final Prototype

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Next step

User-testing plan


The success of this solution could be measured by in-app rating, net promoter score (NPS), task success rate, and other metrics.

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